Ai Engineering Solutions is a consulting engineering firm providing various services which specialize in both technical engineering work, project management and Site Technical Officer for Construction sites

It is our mission to offer peace of mind, value for money but most of all the essential experience to all our clients who are both from the private sector as well as from the public sector. Directed by Ing. Ishmael Agius who is a qualified Engineer from the University of Malta, he has built a great team comprising of qualified engineers, registered STOs and a surveyor who together work hard in supporting and meeting their client’s needs.

The service of a Site Technical Officer is being offered in accordance with L.N. 136 OF 2019 for the demolition, excavation and construction phases of any development type in order to minimize the risk of damages to third parties. Being entrusted by some of the best known developers in Malta, AIES prides itself in the engagement in some of Malta’s high profile projects such as the Ex-Halland Hotel, Smart Supermarket, Wembley etc…

Being a dynamic organisation requires continuous development and investment to enhance the specialization of its portfolio services.  In view of this, AIES offers a wide comprehensive service for its clients’. Such cover comprises of the initial stages of finding a competent team for the demolition/excavation/construction stages, to M&Es and further service throughout the whole process till finishing stages, whilst adapting the best possible solutions in a timely and efficient manner and up to standards. 

Our promise remains committed to offer the best possible service to its ever-growing client where engineering meets building services. 

Our Values and Promises:

  • Peace of Mind: Through our experience, fully qualified STO team and enthusiasm, one can feel secure to be lead throughout the whole process
  • Value for money: No extra fees are incurred when works are on hold.
  • Experience: From significant sites to small sites amounting to over 200 sites in our portfolio and entrusted by some of the best known developers in Malta, we certainly qualify with a vast experience in this industry.